Monday, April 25, 2011


'Peppercorns' by WarmWeenies

*In the early 19th century the word “pepper” was used to mean “energy”. We have since shortened the word to “pep”. Pepper, as a spice, has been used since prehistoric times and is native to India. *The words are mine, but the reference is from Wikipedia.

Birch bark necklace


Felt Play Grapes- Green


Pinwheel Maze wool brai...


LUCKY Bib Necklace-Sinf...


White Ginger Soap


By The Silvery Sun and ...


Hand Knitted Cotton Was...


Coiled Marine Rope Tote...


mike and ike mini noteb...


Jeweled Hand Mirror - R...


Bright Green Monkey Fis...


Sushi Hat, child sized


Tulips Through Window -...



Fantastic Fingerless Mi...


Large Black/Leopard tot...


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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  1. Great colorful items. The rest of Michigan will be this green after today's rain. Sally